Amit solution for external use for dogs and cats


Broad-spectrum acaricidal drug for dogs and cats.

Release form:

20 ml polymeric dropper bottle. Outer package - carton.

20 ml
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Product benefits:

  • Reliable - high acaricidal activity.
  • Universal - the drug kills ticks, removes itch and inflammation, accelerates skin healing.
  • Safe - marginally hazardous and non toxic substance.
  • Convenient - easy application with a dropper bottle.

Chemical composition and pharmacological properties

It contains amitraz (contact action acaricide) as an active ingredient which has effect on sarcoptic and demodectic ticks parasitizing dogs and cats. Excipients (components of the drug) provide decrease in inflammatory processes and activate healing of affected tissues.
Canine and feline sarcoptic mange, notoedrosis, demodicosis and otoacariasis.


Do not process contagious and recovering animals, pregnant and lactating females, as well as puppies and kittens under 2 months old.

Dosage and administration

Animals with demodicosis, sarcoptic mange and notoedrosis: apply Amit on affected areas (previously cleaned from sloughs and crustings) in a thin layer equally distributing it from periphery to focal center engaging to 1 cm of frontier healthy skin. Process for 2-5 times, 5 days apart till animal's clinical recovery confirmed by double negative result of acarological testings.
Otoacariasis (ear mange): clean external acoustic meatus from sloughs and crustings with a tampon with Bars ear cleaning lotion, then instill 3-6 drops in each ear (depending on animal's size). Middle animal's conch and slightly massage its base within a minute. Process both ears, even where the only one is affected by otoacariasis. Process for 2 times, 3-5 days apart. Repeat treatment course, as appropriate.

Special warnings

Wear rubber gloves during processing. In case of contact with skin or mucosae, wash the drug away with water. Do not stroke an animal or allow its contact with young children within 24 hours after processing.
Carefully wash your hands with warm water and soap immediately after use.

Adverse events

Signs of skin irritation may be observed due to increased individual sensitivity to the drug.


Protect from light and moisture. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. Store separately from food and animal feeding at 0-25°С.

Pharmaceutical form

20 ml polymeric dropper bottle. Outer package - carton.