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Болезни птиц

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Болезни птиц
The comprehensive text has 48 chapters and is divided into seven main sections. The last section encompasses species seen less commonly in practice than psittacines, but important in their scope to the avian practitioner, including songbirds, softbills, mynahs, pigeons, backyard poultry, quail, pheasants, ducks, geese, toucans, ostriches, rheas and emus.
Авторы: Branson W. Ritchie, DVM, PhD, Greg J. Harrison, DVM, Linda R. Harrison, BS
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Рентгенология птиц
The species included in this text are either popular companion pets or birds that are commonly presented to rehabilitation facilities. Documentation of radiographic and alternative imaging findings associated with disease conditions of these species continues to expand.
Авторы: Авторы: Sam Silverman, Lisa A. Tell
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Справочник вет препаратов для птиц
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Физиология птиц
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