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Customer Reviews

Hereby we pay our obeisance and would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with Agrovetzaschita Company.
All the products supplied by "Agrovetzaschita" pass strong quality control. The high professional level of employees, modern diversified production, a strategic approach to doing business, as well as accuracy at all stages create a foundation for a lasting and profitable partnership.
Ravilov I. M.
General Director of «Ceva Santé Animale» LLC

“Saraya CIS”, LLC., an official representative of Saraya Co., Ltd., Japan, in Russian Federation and CIS countries, expresses gratitude to the management and to the Contract Manufacturing Department of “NVT Agrovetzaschita S.-P.”, LLC., for many years of successful cooperation in the development and production of special disinfectants, detergents and cosmetics. High qualification and experience of the factory staff, strict quality control at all stages of production process, flexible price policy and a well-coordinated, efficient work of the Contract Manufacturing Department have allowed us to quickly localize production of original Japanese recipes and to bring high-quality SARAYA products to Russian market.

Dronov E. A.
Executing Director of “Saraya CIS” LLC

We know the company "Agrovetzaschita" about 20 years, and have seen the evolution of the project from a small enterprise to a modern pharmaceutical complex, which provides a full range of services to the customer - from product development to its implementation. This is the development of technology, preparation of documentation and implementation of quality management system.
Services are provided always very professional, qualitatively and at a normal market price.
Our company expresses gratitude for long-term cooperation, for a responsible and serious approach to the manufacturing process.

Sidorin D. N.
General Director of AO “MiraxBioPharma”