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Shustrik shampoo for rodents with sensitive skin shampoo

100 ml
100 ml

Animal hygienic and cosmetic product

Release form:

100 ml polymeric bottle.

Product benefits:

  • Does not overdry rodent tender skin.
  • Provides hair shine and nice herbal odor.

Chemical composition and properties

Due to specially selected components, the shampoo provides tender care about pelage and skin of ornamental and pigmy rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, ground squirrels, marmots, jerboas, squirrels, chipmunks, chinchillas, especially in ones with tender sensitive skin. Shampoo contains neither flavorings nor colorants. Aloe extract prevents hair breaking and double hair shaft, revitalizes. Allantoin reduces irritation, provides healing of small fissures and wounds.

Recommendations for use

For regular care about rodent pelage and skin, especially in ones with sensitive skin.


Moisten animal hair with warm water and apply shampoo dissolved in water (1:5), gently rub it until foam appears. In 1-2 minutes wash shampoo away with warm water and dry hair. In severe cases repeat the procedure.


Store in closed original package at 0-25°С. Protect from light. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. Store separately from food and animal feeding. Shelf life is 2 years from manufacturing date.

Pharmaceutical form

100 ml polymeric bottle.

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