Flyblock Surface solution for processing the surfaces


Insecticidal acaricidal product to protect animals and poultry from insects and ticks in livestock houses

Release form:

0.5 l polymeric bottles

500 ml
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Product benefits:

  •  High efficiency and ensured safety.
  •  Promotes increase in milk, meat and egg productivity.
  •  Potential processing of a premise in presence of animals.
  •  Cost-effective - one bottle is enough to process up to 45 sq. m

Chemical composition and properties

The drug contains fipronil as an active ingredient. It provides significant contact and intestinal effect on insects and ticks. The product has broad-spectrum activity against mosquitoes, flies, fleas, sucking lice, biting lice, cockroaches, ants, sarcoptic, ixodic and chicken ticks on larval and adult stages.

Fipronil (a component of the drug) affects central nervous system of ectoparasites. It is a subtile poison which affords poisoned insects to return in colony having some active substance with them causing poison expansion within all the nesting place.


Use to desinsection and desacarisation of livestock houses, pig-breeding farms and poultry farms (processing of walls, floor, curtains, mosquito nets, beddings; in farms, barns, aviaries; in high number and activity of blood-sucking insects and ticks; for protection from insects spread through rodents) and other objects of veterinary inspection.


Before processing cover milking equipment and milky stock with polyethylene film. Process localization areas of ectoparasites (windows, walls, doors, equipment, stop bars etc.).

Fly camps: kill insects by selective drug application on internal and external walls, tents, cotes and other swarm places.
Before use shake and uncup a bottle. Replace the closure with a dispensing pump using screw joint. Press a pump handle to perform processing. 1 polymeric bottle is sufficient to process 40-45 sq. m of premise surface.

It is possible to process the premises with Komarov's desinfection unit, shoulder sprayers etc. After the processing sweep and discard dead insects and ticks. Reprocessing: according to indications (depending on number of ectoparasites),12-14 days apart.

Special warnings

It is possible to process the premises in presence of animals.


Store in closed original package. Protect from light and moisture. Store separately from food and animal feeding at 5-25°С.