Babezan 4% solution for injections


Drug for treatment and prevention of babesiosis and ehrlichiosis

Release form:

Babezan 4% is manufactured in 10 and 100 ml amber glass bottles. 10 ml bottle is packed in carton.

10 and 100 ml
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Product benefits:

  • Convenient dosage (1 ml per 10 kg for dogs).
  • Subcutaneous route of administration.
  • Two types of dispensing: 10 and 100 ml sterile bottles.
  • Protective effect within 4 weeks.

Chemical composition and pharmacological properties

Antiprotozoal imidazoline drug.
1 ml contains imidocarb dipropionate - 40 mg (as an active ingredient).
Mechanism of imidocarb dipropionate antiprotozoal action is related to inositol delivery inhibition which is necessary for hematozoon life activity and impairment of polyamine formation used by parasites.
Imidocarb dipropionate obtains therapeutic blood concentration in 18-24 hours after parenteral administration and remains at pyroplasmosis level within 4-6 weeks. Mainly, imidocarb dipropionate accumulates in liver and kidneys; it is generally excreted with urine.
For treatment and prevention of canine blood protozoan diseases (acute, chronic and subclinical babesiosis, ehrlichiosis), as well as combined invasions.


Increased individual sensitivity to the drug components, pregnancy. Do not use the drug within 4 weeks after immunization with living vaccines against babesiosis or anaplasmosis.
Do not use Babezan 4% solution for injections in combination with organochloride and organophosphate drugs, as well as with other cholinesterase inhibitors.

Dosage and administration

Treatment of canine babesiosis: subcutaneous drug administration in a single dose (4 mg of imidocarb per 1 kg of body weight) which is equal to 0.1 ml/kg of Babezan 4% solution for injections.
Repeat administration of the same dose of solution if babesias are detected in blood film within a day after use.
Prevention of canine babesiosis: in case of clinical signs of babesiosis or within a week after moving to the contamination zone, administer Babezan 4% (or 12%) solution for injections in single therapeutic dose.
Protective effect remains within 4 weeks after injection. Use suitable antihistaminic drugs before Babezan administration in animals with clinical signs of babesiosis.

Special warnings

Due to potential pain reaction, do not administer more than 2.5 ml of the drug in the same site.

Adverse events

In case of overdose and/or increased individual sensitivity to the drug, complications may be observed (including bradycardia, accelerated and irregular breathing, anorexia, excess salivation, lacrimation, perspiration, muscular tremor, repeated urination and defecation). Administer 1% atropine solution subcutaneously, symptomatic drugs and perform desensitizing therapy.
Rarely local reaction may be observed (flushing or tender swelling in injection site which naturally disappears in 1-2 days). Repeated injection may be associated with lower blood pressure.


Store in closed original package far away from heaters and open flame at 5-25°С. Protect from direct sunlight. Shelf life is 2 years from manufacturing date (not more than 28 days after bottle opening).

Pharmaceutical form

Babezan 4% is manufactured in 10 and 100 ml amber glass bottles. 10 ml bottle is packed in carton.